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Calabash Cove’s Owner is Honorary Consul for Austria

Saint Lucia is tiny, 24 miles by 14 miles with a population of 165,000. Though no bigger than a small town by number of residents, it is nonetheless a sovereign state. Formerly a part of the British Empire, like many of its Imperial friends, Saint Lucia declared independence in 1979. Although it remains a member of the British Commonwealth, it is an independent state and as such requires the services of Ambassadors, Consuls and High Commissioners.

Many countries cannot extend their diplomatic services everywhere, but since representation is still needed at times, some countries invite one of their countrymen, living on an island such as Saint Lucia, to fulfill the role on a part-time basis – hence the term “Honorary Consul”. In the case of the Republic of Austria, that honor fell to Konrad Wagner, owner of our very own Calabash Cove.

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Come and Experience Jounen Kwéyòl at Calabash Cove

“Kwéyòl” is the “patois” word for Creole, which is a term that has over the years been applied to peoples of mixed heritage, expanded to also include their unique language, culture and foods.

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