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There are Fun Options for Private Beach Vacations on Saint Lucia

If you are staying at Calabash Cove, you don’t have far to go to enjoy the resort’s beautiful sandy beach as part of a private beach vacation. Even when this luxury resort is fully booked, the resort’s private beach is never crowded, and sometimes you may have it all to yourself. However, if you fancy taking a trip to a different private beach, here are some recommendations for you to check out.

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The Secret to Windsong Restaurant’s Success

One of the joys of staying at Calabash Cove is the chance to dine frequently at the Windsong Restaurant. Often referred to as one of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean, the Windsong Restaurant provides memorable cuisine prepared by the island’s top chefs.

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First Saint Lucia Hobie Cat Challenge A Hit!

Hobie Cats are the most popular recreational boats in the global tourism industry, with an estimated 135,000 in use by an avid base of enthusiasts. In Saint Lucia there are dozens of the small twin-hulled catamarans, which can be sailed single-handed or with up to three passengers. At Calabash Cove, we have other types of water sports, but our concierge staff are happy to liaise with local companies who provide Hobie Cat sailing tours, so when we heard about the recent Saint Lucia Hobie Cat Challenge, we just had to – pardon the pun – get onboard.

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Conserving Natural Heritage and Wildlife in Saint Lucia

Many guests at Calabash Cove come to Saint Lucia to enjoy the natural beauty of this stunning island. However, the island is right to be concerned about maintaining the natural diversity and wildlife here, which is under threat from predators, development and desertification.

One of the main advocates of preserving the heritage, conservation and wildlife in Saint Lucia is the National Trust. Here are some of the projects they are supporting to protect the island for generations to come.

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Seven Ideas for Books to Read whilst on holiday at Calabash Cove

You may not get much time to read in your busy life, but a Calabash Cove vacation is the perfect opportunity to pack a new bestseller and enjoy the pleasure of relaxing and reading in the sun. If you don’t know where to start when choosing a book to read, here are seven ideas for books during your Calabash Cove vacation.

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Celebrate Saint Lucia’s Creole Culture in the Month of October

If there is an aroma of smoked herring on the breeze, the melancholy melody of violin and shak-shak in the air and colorful madras costumes bedecking the city’s bank tellers, it must be October in Saint Lucia and International Creole Month or Jounen Kwéyòl Entennassyonal.

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