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Our Turtle Photo Competition

In September, which is usually the end of the Turtle laying season until next April, we announced a photo competition. We were looking for guests with the best images and the best story from the Calabash Cove beach.

Among the entries there were two we like a lot, from John Groeger and Jesse Williams.

Here’s John’s story:

John Groeger My wife and I spent a truly AMAZING week in paradise at Calabash Cove for our honeymoon in August of 2013. On one of the days we decided to take the kayaks out and paddle to rat island. When we were about halfway out a storm looked to be heading our way so we turned around and high tailed it back home! As we approached the beach, we saw what looked like 60+ crabs running towards the water. As we got closer we realized they were freshly hatched sea turtles! The experience of watching the sea turtles hatch and head to the water was truly a once in a lifetime experience for my wife and I and made our week in paradise that much more magical!

Here’s one popping up from the nest…


All of the nesting and hatchings and excitement take place here between April and September approx, on the little pretty beach at Calabash Cove.


Then another story from Jesse Williams

Jessy Thompson On August 1st, 2013, at approximately 9:07 am island time, I witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime moment of perfection. My wife and I had been staying at Calabash Cove (Cottage #5) for our honeymoon. It was truly one of the best weeks and adventures of our lives. As the time of our stay was winding down, I decided to walk down to the beach to soak in as much of the Saint Lucian sun as I could, while my wife was finishing her shower. When I approached the beach, a garden attendant called my attention to a hole in the sand from which baby sea turtles were emerging. I quickly went back to the cottage to grab my wife. With her in hand and freshly robed, we delicately made our way back down to the ocean front where the turtles seen in the attached pictures were making their way from their nest and into the ocean. We were witnessing an event that most people will only see in documentaries. We were witnessing life, untouched, vulnerable, and breathtakingly beautiful. From a safe distance, we quietly snapped pictures of the baby turtles. Like Saint Lucia, the pictures are not photoshopped or doctored, there is no need, they are as perfect as the moment my wife and I shared witnessing their journey to the sea. The metaphor is not lost on us. Our marriage was only seven days old and very much buried in the sand when these pictures were taken. But, like the baby turtles, we have been bravely, unabashedly, and with our eyes on our own ocean, making our own journey ever since. The innocence and hope captured in these photos is, for us, the essence of island life, the beauty of Saint Lucia, and symbolic of the love we shared at Calabash Cove. And that, my friends, is a picture of one beautiful turtle.

Isn’t it amazing that our two entries are both from August 2013 and both from two couples on honeymoon. I am not going to look up whether they were from the same town, cos that would be spooky. Still it is not only an interesting coincidences but also I think proves that sharing an event like this is most definitely romantic. That’s why we think Calabash Cove is a romantic place all over and for many reasons.

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Photo credit: Chad Chisholm