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This Stunningly Private St. Lucia Resort Is Honestly Where Sexy Vacation Goals Peak – Cosmopolitan

The following article was featured on the Cosmopolitan website on August 16th, 2019.

Selfies from your seaside villa will make all your followers jealous.

PEOPLE, amiright?! Always wanting something from you… “Hey, can you give me advice?” “Hey, can you read this e-mail?” “Hey, can you pay your rent?” “Hey, can you wake up? This train is no longer in service…”

Can a girl just BE sometimes? Like, where does she have to go to just sip on her morning espresso at a chill table on the ornate balcony of her own private villa overlooking the soft, rolling waves of the aqua blue Caribbean Sea—completely undisturbed?

Oh. Calabash Cove Resort & Spa in St. Lucia. Ok, cool.

Seriously, this tropical, adults-only oasis perched on the west coast of the West Indies Island in the Caribbean is the perfect destination for anyone looking to take a TO from daily life for a hot second. It was also ranked one of the sexiest hotels in the world by Cosmo itself. With only 26 rooms—eight of which are awesomely large private villas—Calabash Cove and its staff make sure you feel like you’re their only guest at all times. And you know what that means: No judgment when you take ALL the vacay pics!

Whether you arrive solo or with a sister, friend, or lovahhh (like I did), you better like the company you’re keeping—because for the next few days it will just be you guys in this cliffside paradise. (Honeymooners, this is where your search ends, btw.)

The Boyfriend and I had the pleasure of staying at the resort for four blissful days in July (when rates are less expensive than in the busy winter season). Here’s exactly what you gotta do to get the most—and I mean the MOST—out of your trip, St. Lucia’s top attractions included. And come to terms now with the fact that your Instagram page will look laughably bleak in the wake of this sexy, sand-and-sea-heavy adventure.

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Photo credit: Chad Chisholm