About Saint Lucia

Don’t get lost on your way to Calabash Cove! Read more about our St. Lucia island tips regarding climate, currency and transportation.

St. Lucia is a beautiful Caribbean oasis with some of the best weather and luxurious vegetation in the world. The climate is hot and tropical, tempered by welcome trade winds during most of the year. The temperatures range from 21℃ (70°F) to 32°C (90°F). December to May is the driest time of year and rainfall increases during summer months and towards the year’s end. St. Lucia is also prone to hurricanes from June to November.

St. Lucia uses the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$) as its currency. However, US dollars are often accepted by taxi drivers and at some establishments. Banks and larger hotels will exchange traveler’s checks without issue. Visa, American Express and MasterCard are all widely accepted at restaurants, car rental agencies and hotels. There are numerous ATMs throughout the island where you can get cash (only if your card has either the Cirrus or Plus symbol).

Avis, Hertz, National and several smaller local agencies offer car rentals out of both St. Lucia airports. You can expect to spend around US$65 per day on a car rental. Motorcycles and scooter rentals are also available from some agencies. St. Lucia’s bus service is operated via privately owned minivans is the most common form of transportation. If you do not see a bus stop near where you are located, you can wave buses down as long as there is space on the side for them to pull over. Bicycle rentals are not readily available due to winding roads and blind corners.