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Chocolate Heritage Month

August is Chocolate Heritage Month

Yay – Saint Lucia Chocolate Heritage Month here again. You might wonder, why Saint Lucia recognises this month so. Simple as , we grow a lot of cocoa here ! In fact in the UK, most will have heard of the brand called Hotel Chocolat. They take all the cocoa product they need for their superior products from their own Boucan Estate here on the island.


Saint Lucia’s chocolate legacy dates back to the thriving cocoa industry of the 1700’s and the island still produces some of the world’s most sought-after chocolate. Many of Saint Lucia’s top resort spas and restaurants use the island’s native cocoa in spa treatments and savory and sweet culinary creations that are both indulgent and healthful.


August is an ideal time to sample inventive “choc-tails” and specialty tasting menus, relax with beneficial chocolate-infused spa treatments and enjoy “tree to bar” cocoa plantation tours with island-wide hotel and resort offers.

For an in depth look at Saint Lucia’s Chocolate Industry, you can take one of several brilliant tours to plantations in the south. Calabash Cove can advise you on your choice and make arrangements for you during your stay.

Finally, look out for more chocolate recipes from Chef this month.