Daily Specials

Check out our daily specials at Calabash Cove's Windsong Restaurant. They are updated frequently and vary from season to season.

Windsong restaurant

Chef’s Daily Recommendations

Sunday 20th August 2017

soup of the day

clam chowder   26


curried lamb roti, served with mango chutney and radicchio salad  40

lobster caesar’s salad, tempura lobster over romain lettuce, croutons on caesar dressing   42

christophine and yam tart, served with tomato and lentils stew  30

all appetizers are available as main course 



pan fried coconut grouper, with polenta , grilled vegetables and saffron clam sauce 89

pasta of the day … “tagliatelle”, with julienne vegetables in a pesto sauce with parmesan crisp  63

meat mixed grilled, served with mashed potato, green peas, carrot and blue cheese sauce  88


carrot cake, with strawberry ice cream   26



All prices in Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$) US$1.00 = EC$ 2.67 prices inclusive of 10% vat and subject to 10% service charge