Daily Specials

Check out our daily specials at Calabash Cove's Windsong Restaurant. They are updated frequently and vary from season to season.

Windsong restaurant

Chef Paul’s Daily Recommendations

saturday 21st April, 2018


soup of the day

roasted pumpkin cappuccino  26


salmon crostini, with italian antipasto style and grilled vegetables  45

beetroot and blue cheese salad, mixed organic leaves with tomato, carrot, cucumber, blue cheese and a herb dressing   32

beef carpaccio,topped with mix green leaves, capers, sea salta drizzle of oil and red wine vinegar  40

all appetizers are available as main course 



thai seafood,seafood, red snapper, clams, shrimps, and vegetables,in red thai curry sauce with coconut basmati rice   90

pasta of the day… “‘beets gnocchi”, in a pesto sauce with shiitake mushrooms and string beans  63

chicken cordon bleu, on mash potatoes, with steamed beans, carrots and cognac sauce  80


coconut panna cotta, with blueberries  26


All prices in Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$) US$1.00 = EC$ 2.67 prices inclusive of 10% vat and subject to 10% service charge