Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to make this website as user-friendly as possible for our visitors, and we try to cover every aspect of your vacation thoroughly, so that you can find out everything you need to know about our Hotel, the island of St. Lucia, how to get here and what to do when you’re here.

The questions and answers below are updated regularly, but if you do not see the information you are looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to help.

Hotel Information

What type of hotel is Calabash Cove?
Calabash Cove is a romantic and rather quiet boutique resort for adults only. Most of our guests enjoy a little peace and quiet, some elbow space, a relaxing dip in the Caribbean Sea and a good book or movie.

Are you an all-inclusive (AI) or European Plan (EP) hotel?
Currently we offer both options.

What does the All Inclusive (AI) rate include?
We are not a typical all inclusive resort. The all-inclusive option was only introduced because of popular demand. It allows for easy budgeting and covers all beverages including premium brand liquor, an in-room bar and wines from a wine list as well as all meals including room service. If you are visiting to mainly relax the all-inclusive may well be for you.

What does the European Plan (EP) rate include?
The European plan option includes room and breakfast. If you are planning on going out often it may be a better idea to opt for this plan.

Can we pay in US Dollars?
The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollars “EC$”. In many stores and restaurants, US Dollars are accepted and credit cards are usually welcome. If you do carry US Dollar bills we recommend nothing larger than $ 50.00 to avoid difficulties getting them accepted and changed.

Are you a couples only resort?
We welcome all adult guests however because of the romantic nature of the resort most of our guests tend to be couples on a romantic getaway, honeymoon or the vacation of a lifetime.

Where is my room located?
Please view our resort map, which should help you get your bearings.

Are all rooms ensuite?
Yes, all of our rooms include a private bathroom.

What is the dress code?
Dress code is generally casual. During the day shorts and t-shirts are fine and in the evening most gents wear dress shorts or slacks with a short sleeve shirt or polo shirt. Ladies are usually casual in summer dresses or shorts and blouses. Remember you may have no use for a sweater or a jacket. The resort is all open air.

How do we get to and from the airport?
We arrange private transfers to and from both airports. The charge for a private car is USD100.00 per car one way from UVF. Please provide us with your flight details at reservations@calabashcove.com in order to arrange your airport transfers. After clearing immigration and customs continue straight ahead through the swing door as you leave the arrival hall. App. 10 yards in front of you will be a booth with the Calabash Cove logo. The attendant will introduce you to the driver. The drive is app. 90 minutes from Hewanorra International (UVF) and 12minutes from George F.L. Charles. From the nearer George F Charles airport, the transfer is USD 25.00.

Do you provide internet access?
Yes the resort offers complimentary Wifi and we hate to say it but many of our guests bring along a laptop!

Do you have a hurricane guarantee of some sort?
Should your vacation be interrupted by a Hurricane as specified by the local met office we will provide you with a free replacement vacation of the affected portion of your visit plus 1 night within 1 year. Equally, should your travel plans be disrupted due to a Hurricane we will allow you to reschedule without penalty within 1 year.

Do you offer trip insurance or know where we can get insurance on our vacation in the event a hurricane would cause us to cancel our trip?
Regrettably we don’t offer insurance. If it is not covered by your credit card you may best find assistance online or from your regular insurance provider. We do however allow guests to change their travel dates without any kind of penalty should a Hurricane interrupt or prevent their visit with us. The island, however, is very far south and usually outside the hurricane belt.

What hours is the front desk open?
The front desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How often does housekeeping take place?
Your housekeeper will take care of your room daily. There is no additional charge for this service.

Island Information

What language is spoken in St. Lucia?
The official language is English. The island’s  history has been characterised by both the English and French influence over a long period. As a result, most St. Lucians speak a French-based patois or creole. Much of that creole culture and history is reflected in the daily life and several cultural events throughout the year.

What is the political system and Government in St. Lucia?
St. Lucia is an independent nation since February 22, 1979, and remains a member of the British Commonwealth. It has a democratically elected Westminster based Two Chamber Government with the Governor General, representative of the Queen of England as the Head of State and the Prime Minister as Head of Government.

How many airports do you have?
The island has two airports. Hewanorra International (UVF), approximately 90 minutes from the resort serviced by the major carriers like American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, Air Canada, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Condor, Jet Blue etc and George F. Charles (SLU), approximately 12 minutes from Calabash Cove serviced by regional airlines like LIAT and Air Caraibes via Puerto Rico, Barbados and Martinique.

What voltage power does St. Lucia have?
St. Lucia is generally 220V with mostly English plugs. However all the rooms at Calabash Cove have hair dryers and also a 110V outlet for North American appliances.

What is the general weather like in St. Lucia?
Due to the island’s close proximity to the equator one would experience generally hot and humid weather conditions year round with mild trade winds bringing cool breezes off the water that offer some respite from the heat. The average temperature ranges from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to the upper 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity on the island averages between 70 percent and 90 percent throughout the year. December through January are generally the coolest months with the temperatures being in the mid 70s to mid 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer months of June through August are the hottest in St. Lucia where temperatures in the mid to upper 90s Fahrenheit are not uncommon. St. Lucia does not have very well defined seasons due to its location near the equator. There is however a rainy season that generally falls between June and November. During this season, one should be prepared for heavy, but sporadic showers that come on quickly but are most times followed by blue skies.


How can I book?
You can make your reservation online by clicking on rates and reservations, by e-mailing us at info@calabashcove.com where we will gladly guide you, or through your favorite travel agent.

What special offers do you provide at this time?
You will find all the current packages and promotions in our rates and reservations section and are welcome to e-mail us at info@calabashcove.com or reservations@calabashcove.com with any specific questions.

What is your cancellation policy?
A minimum of three (03) nights cancellation charge applies to all cancellations up to seven (07) days prior to arrival. For cancellations within the last seven (07) days, the full amount of the booking will be charged.

How can I pay for my hotel reservation?
We only need 3 nights deposit if you book with us direct or through a travel agency. On-line reservations require full payment. We presently accept Visa or MasterCard.

Is there a minimum stay for reservations?
Reservations need to be for a minimum of two nights.

Additional Services & Amenities

What tours do you offer?
Our leisure concierge will be happy to advise you on soft adventures like the Piton Trek, Rainforest Adventure, a private sailing trip or the old standards like, deep sea fishing, whale watching, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, horseback riding and many more.

What about helicopter transfers?
These can be arranged with St. Lucia Helicopters for a charge of USD360.00 per couple one-way. It will require your Visa or MasterCard details and flight information.

I have friends staying at your resort and would like to get them something while they are there. What do you suggest?
If you contact us at hotel@calabashcove.com we will gladly e-mail you a list with our options and suggestions.

How can I rent a car?
A rental car can be booked directly at the hotel. We usually work with Avis and there are several other smaller operators that will come to the resort with the car and the agreement. Rental cars are somewhat expensive and range from $ 85.00 – 110.00 per day.

How can I get around?
For the transfer from and to the airport we will be happy to arrange a limo to save you from driving after a long flight. Once at the hotel most guests use the services of Taxis available through the front desk to get around the island. Should you wish to drive yourself to discover St. Lucia we gladly arrange for a rental car of your choice to be delivered to the hotel. Unless requested otherwise we work with Avis.


We would like to get married at your resort what special offer is available and what is the procedure?
You will find all the relevant information in our weddings section and are welcome to e-mail us at info@calabashcove.com or weddings@calabashcove.com with specific questions.

What would be the best time of day to have the wedding?
We will only book one wedding per day so you can pick your favorite time of the day. We do however suggest the late afternoon as the most suitable time for this special occasion.