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How to make an Elephant Towel

Have you ever wished you could make the towel and napkin folds that we decorate your beds with each night? Here’s the secret. First we’ll start with The Elephant

Step 1

Lay out your towel or napkin on a flat surface. A solid color may look better for animal folds.

Step 2

Roll your towel from corner to corner diagonally.

Step 3

Roll the towel also from the other corner diagonally to the centre forming an arrow

Step 4

Bend over the open side and fold together at the back. The firmly rolled tips are bent upwards

Step 5

Take a second towel or napkin to form the legs of the Elephant.

Step 6

Roll both sides the towel from each side firmly to the centre forming a double roll

Step 7

Turn the double roll on the side. These rolls form the elephants body

Step 8

Take the head made with the first towel and place it on the double rolls

Step 9

Ensure the “legs are neatly lined up and pressed together to form the animal’s body. When the head is placed on top of the body fluff out the ears and bend the nose in the  desired upwards position


When comfortable with the positioning of the 2 components,  use flowers or pillow candy to create eye.  And dress up with glasses or even a small cap, carnival hat or saucers for feet.