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A special Place for Massage

A special Place for a Massage

Walking up to the gazebo the sun was just about on the horizon. Perched on the very edge of this outcrop was a massage gazebo, the perfect place to relax.

Walking towards the gazebo with the white covered massage beds sprinkled with tiny red flower petals awaiting us you could not miss the scent of Ylang Ylang lingering in the air.

Planted along the winding garden walkway the plain coloured blossoms on small trees could easily be missed, were it not for the strong scent most noticeable in late afternoon or after rain showers.

Marilyn Monroe said

Marilyn Monroe and her famous quote came to mind. When allegedly asked what she wore to sleep she said only Chanel #5. Perfume insiders know the base for Chanel #5 to be Ylang Ylang, a sweet strong smelling tree flower

Ylang Ylang possesses a calming effect on the heart and studies show that the inhalation of Ylang Ylang oil in a fragranced room for several minutes decreased heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

At Calabash Cove they also use it by placing baskets full of blossoms in the gym and bathrooms.

A soothing experience

Gradually during the massage the Lemon grass scented massage oil, the Ylang Ylang in the air and the Caribbean Sea gently rolling onto the beach makes one so relaxed, it is hard to stay awake.

With the sun setting over the Caribbean and the tree frogs starting the nightly concert, along with well-hidden Cicadas and Crickets.


Much to soon the soothing strokes of the masseusse comes to an end, leaving one more decision….champagne to finish the sunset?