Infinity Pool

Half a million gallons of fresh water captured in an incredible designer pool with an amazing forty foot Caribbean infinity edge capturing your imagination far beyond the sea. Mahogany loungers provide for comfortable sunbathing on the various decks surrounding the pool.

If you are staying in one of our unique 4 Swim Up Jr. suites with sunset and ocean view you are only a few strokes away from the Swim Up pool bar. There Lance, Sunny, Davidson or Joel will prepare your favorite cocktail and regal you with local stories. You can enjoy a Planters Punch, Pina Colada or the bartenders special right at the Swim Up pool bar or in the comfort of your sun lounger. If the sun becomes to intense simply select one of the cabanas provided for a little shade. They are a very enticing place for that midmorning or afternoon nap.

For the true vacation experience you can stay in your bathing outfits and enjoy lunch right at the Swim Up pool bar or the deck surrounding the 100 foot pool. Your only decision is to decide between Mediterranean panini, shrimps Caesar, crab sandwich or shrimps and calamari.

The pool bar is also the perfect spot to end the day gazing into the sunset as a beautiful Caribbean day turns into a romantic evening and night under a stars studded sky.

Retreat and Relax in Our Music Room

Whispers is elegantly designed with the idea of creating a space for people who are calmed by musical notes or the printed word; it is the perfect place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you are looking to escape to listen to your favorite musical artist or a newly discovered local group, or if you just want a beautiful space to catch up on your reading, Whispers has it all.

Whispers is a quiet and peaceful place designed with our guests in mind. This room is in place for you to use it as you like; whether you are simply looking for a calm space with a view to soak up your surroundings, meditate or read. We believe in the importance of having an area for people to retreat to and take a little time for themselves, whatever that may be. The only thing that could possibly disturb your tranquility and peace are mesmerizing views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Be sure to ask our friendly staff about Whispers and keep the relaxing oasis in mind during your stay with us. We are here to make your Calabash Cove stay everything you want it to be, and this begins with creating spaces for you to retreat to time and time again.

Stroll through the Beautiful Cove Gardens

St. Lucia is known for its exotic flowers, luscious plants and breathtaking trees, all of which can be seen in the Cove Gardens. There are numerous places throughout the gardens for you to rest and take in the many different sights and sounds that are native to St. Lucia. From the local birds to the sound of leaves rustling in the warm breeze, the Cove Gardens are a space you will retreat to time after time during your stay on St. Lucia. In addition to the natural sounds of the island, you will also be serenaded by the charming wind chimes that are strategically placed throughout the area.

The plants and flowers that call St. Lucia home are spectacular and astonishingly diverse, with over 1,300 wild flowering plant species calling the island home. St. Lucia is also known for producing mouth-watering fruits, including passion fruit and coconuts. In many cases, the trees offer shade that offers a wonderful reprieve to the heat.

Be sure to check out the Cove Gardens at Calabash Cove during your stay with us and get a taste of all St. Lucia has to offer without ever having to leave our cozy tropical oasis.