A Saint Lucia Tradition -The Wood Carver


Introducing Stanfield Dolcy,- a joiner by trade, lover of gardens and finally a wood carver with passion. Fifty seven years young, he started his career as a forest officer for the St. Lucia Government. He’s happily married with four girls. Furthermore he has been one of the most loyal, respected and lovable ?Calabashies? since the Cove?s opening ten years ago.

An unassuming and charming ?Saint Lucian?, he delights the guests with his endless knowledge of indigenous plants and trees of exotic wood. Now and then he opens a fresh cut coconut with his machete to have guests taste this truly healthy local libation straight from the palm. Doing so. reciting a famous Caribbean Song?drink, drink Coconut water, drink, Coconut is good for your daughter, think, etc?;-) You can probably figure what that means. Every Saint Lucian will tell you it works ! ?Moreover, Dolcy also knows, where the best Mango and Pineapple grow.

One encounters his work as a passionate wood carver immediately on entering the property. An artistic sentry post carved from a massive single branch of a Saman Tree, sits next to the Calabash Cove sign. Exiting from the taxi, you are faced with a magnificent Welcome Sign before entering the lobby. He’s expert in utilizing exotic local woods like Mahogany, Saman, Bamboo, White Cedar and White Wood.

Dolcy created and carved all the hotel?s room numbers, wooden menu covers, bill presenters, paper towel holders and most signage around the property. He also creates special commissions from a single piece of wood, for guests. Some of his creations are on display and for sale in Memories of Calabash.

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Photo credit: Chad Chisholm