Saint Lucia’s Home Away From Home

Only a day into our stay at Calabash Cove, we felt our Watersedge Cottage had quickly become a second home. Was it the smell of coffee freshly brewing? Or the comfortable king size bed? Our own private pool? What really was it that made me feel such comfort on vacation?

To begin with, imagine drinking fresh coffee on the patio daybed while your partner swings in a nearby hammock. Every morning we looked over into the vast ocean fascinated by the different shades of blue. These shades, only a stone?s throw from our beachfront cottage, changed with the angle of the rising sun. Who would have thought there were so many shades of blue to be seen?

Majestic St Lucian Flora

Of course, the exuberance of life in St Lucia did not end there. The blues only competed with the shades of green exploding from the lush gardens all around us.

Naturally, the garden is made up of a variety of local flora. Most plants I encountered bore exotic names like Bougainvillea named after French Navy admiral and explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville or Allamanda in honor of?Swiss?botanist?and physician?Fr?d?ric-Louis Allamand. Every one of these names meant to tell a story, the story of St Lucia.

Remembering these names now, with their histories described to us by Alban, the properties head gardener, I’m disheartened to be away from our perfect getaway at Calabash Cove. I often wish I had written down every plant name.

Comfort We Couldn’t Resist

We are not usually the type of people who stay within the walls of our room… and this wasn’t even our honeymoon. With the warm feel of the living room and it’s (believe it or not) old fashioned books, we were too cozy to leave. Even with all of our technology, the books added such comfort on vacation. Although, I will also admit that the all-inclusive bar with a real fridge may have contributed to our feelings of happiness and occasion.

For now, I can only dream about our Watersedge Cottage with the coffee smell and the old fashioned books. One thing is for certain, we will be back.

Author: Heidi? Berger


















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Photo credit: Chad Chisholm