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Six Ways to De-Stress at Calabash Cove

Many travelers to Saint Lucia may arrive at Calabash Cove feeling stressed and in need of relaxation. More often than not, they leave a week or so later feeling totally rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. Get a head start by finding out how you can de-stress here at Calabash Cove on your Caribbean vacation.

1: Try to Disconnect from the World

When you arrive at the beautiful retreat of Calabash Cove, it could be a good chance to break your routine, switch your phone to voicemail and ignore the TV. Of course, your room has all these modern amenities, but if you want to truly de-stress, then disconnecting from work or home-related distractions and worry is an important first step.

2: Relax at the Beach

Calabash Cove (aerial view)

Calabash Cove is one of the few resorts in Saint Lucia to have its own private white sandy beach, so enjoy it at your earliest opportunity. Sitting under a tree, one of the large beach umbrellas or one of the cabanas enjoying the peaceful and beautiful surroundings, you will feel the stress ebbing away. Stroll along the water’s edge, listening to the sound of gentle waves. Look out into the clear water from the boardwalk and you may be lucky enough to spot fish, seashells, dolphins and other marine life. As you turn your attention to concentrate on trivial details, your body will get the message and start to relax and unwind. This activity is particularly enjoyable at night while stargazing or watching the moon over the Caribbean Sea.

3: Book a Session in Ti Spa

Calabash Cove Couples MassageTense muscles sometimes need some encouragement to relax, and that’s where a massage may help. Calabash Cove’s Ti Spa is staffed with professional beauticians and massage therapists, so you can relax in their hands – literally. Other spa treatments you may find relaxing are a pedicure, an exfoliating scrub or a facial. The combination of a calming environment and aromatherapy from the naturally made, local ingredient-based products will help you to totally relax.

4: Exercise in the Pool

Calabash Cove Swim Up Pool BarSometimes, exercise can help switch your mind off and help you relax, and where better than in the beautiful Sweetwaters infinity swimming pool with the sun’s rays shining down onto the water. After doing a few lengths, hop into the Jacuzzi and let the warm water soothe away any aches and pains caused by tense muscles.

Calabash Cove Fitness CentreIf you fancy a bracing walk, head to the air-conditioned Fitness Center which is equipped with treadmills and Cybex equipment to get your muscles working and your heart pumping. A good workout generates endorphins, which naturally help you to de-stress and feel good.

5: Read a Book in the Garden or Music Room

Calabash Cove LibraryDon’t be in a hurry to fill every day with trips and activities. Take time to actually do nothing at all. Swing idly in a hammock after lunch, watch hummingbirds in the garden or read your book of choice in the Whispers music room. The serene tropical gardens at Calabash Cove also offer plenty of quiet places to read, or just chill out on your private terrace and indulge in doing as little as possible. It’s so healing. If you need another book, simply select one from the library.

6: Sleep Well

Finally, sleep well in your well-appointed luxury cottage or suite. The freshly laundered linens and super-comfortable mattresses are designed to make sleep easy after a day in the fresh sea air.

Surrounded by warm temperatures and tropical natural beauty, it’s so easy to relax and de-stress at Calabash Cove. Your health will thank you for it. 

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