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A guest writes about their room

Felt like we’d never left home


Could it be that what made our St Lucia luxury suite feel like home was the smell of fresh brewed coffee?

Was it the comfortable king size bed?

What really was it, that made us feel so comfortable on vacation?

After only a day our Waters-edge Cottage, our St Lucia luxury suite with private pool had become our second home.

Charley and I are not typically the type of travelers that do not like to leave their room. And this was not even our honeymoon. It is seldom that you stay in a suite where the warm feel of the living room makes you feel all cozy. Believe it or not, old fashioned books festoon the shelves in the living room. Better than an iPAD and with character. All this made us want to spend time in our room.


I admit it, having an all inclusive mini bar may contribute to a feeling of comfort and sense of feeling totally at home. There’s something quite special about taking drinks from the fridge, knowing that the morning stocktake will not manifest itself on your bill!

Because the hammock was already taken up by Charley each morning, I took my fresh coffee on the patio day-bed. As a result, given the view from the day-bed, the different shades of blue in the Caribbean sea, only a stone’s throw in front of our St Lucia luxury suite, were fascinating. Who would have thought that so many shades of blue can be observed within minutes and all by the shifting angle of the sun. In addition, the blues from the sea competed with the shades of green in the lush garden all around us.


I am trying to remember the names of the trees and plants. Exotic names like Bougainvillea named after the French Admiral and explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville. Also,  Allamanda in honor of Swiss botanist and physician Frédéric-Louis Allamand come to mind. Every one of these names seems to tell a story. Furthermore, I wish having written down some of these names when Alban the head gardener explained the history to me. Not being the case, I can only dream about our the coffee smell and the old fashioned books.  Consequently, we will be back….for sure