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Saint Lucia Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

It’s always wise to do some research before any vacation to ensure you get the most from your stay. We cover some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below, as well as provide you with a few Saint Lucia facts – see how many you already know!

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Why to Choose Our Luxury Resort for Saint Lucia Accommodation

Like most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean, the island of Saint Lucia has a wide range of resorts and accommodation choices to suit most visitors. So why choose us at Calabash Cove over other Saint Lucia accommodation options? The answer is simple:

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How to Get a Bargain-Priced Vacation at Calabash Cove

It’s always reassuring to book a vacation with us at Calabash Cove. Make it extra pleasurable by bagging yourself a bargain; leave yourself with a little extra spending money to splurge, perhaps on a swim-up suite upgrade, spa treatments, charter boat trips or divine dining in the Windsong Restaurant.

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Calabash Cove Chronicles: Awards and Accolades – The Secret is in the Details

At Calabash Cove, we’re always honoured to receive a nod for excellence, whether it be on a top ten list of all-inclusive boutique hotels in the world or the favourite honeymoon getaway on a travel website. It’s always wonderful to have your hard work acknowledged, but here on the hillside above Bonaire Bay, Saint Lucia, we consider it the biggest compliment to the Calabash Cove team, who are responsible in massive part for delivering the perfect vacation experience. Our employees hold in their hands the power to meet and exceed every guest’s expectations, and we’re proud to say they choose to blow away every guest with world class service and a warm Saint Lucian welcome.

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