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Why to Choose Our Luxury Resort for Saint Lucia Accommodation

Like most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean, the island of Saint Lucia has a wide range of resorts and accommodation choices to suit most visitors. So why choose us at Calabash Cove over other Saint Lucia accommodation options? The answer is simple:

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When is the Best Time for Getting Married in Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia has been acclaimed by World Travel Awards as the most romantic Caribbean island for weddings and honeymoons. With that in mind, it is not when you get married but the fact that you have chosen to be getting married in Saint Lucia that is the all-important factor!

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Why Renew Vows at Our Saint Lucia All-inclusive Resort?

Known as a romantic and beautiful island, Saint Lucia is a top destination for Caribbean weddings and honeymoons. This also makes it an ideal place for renewing your wedding vows.

Whether you’re visiting the island for the first time, or returning to celebrate this special event, we know you will not regret choosing Calabash Cove for this most personal and meaningful romantic celebration.

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Organized St. Lucia Weddings make for a Perfect Day

What bride-to-be doesn’t daydream of a perfect, cloudless sky, beautiful scenery and exotic flowers on the day she weds her life partner? St. Lucia has all this and more besides, and weddings here can be surprisingly affordable.

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