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What Makes a Trip to Saint Lucia so Worthwhile?

There are 28 island nations in the Caribbean, and over 7,000 islands, so what makes a trip to Saint Lucia so special and unique?

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Visit a Village: Lovely Laborie

By land or sea, Laborie village on Saint Lucia’s southwest coast is a wonderful place to visit, and a unique place to experience an authentic way of life on the island: fishing. Any given day, the long arc of white sand known as Laborie Beach, is populated with colourful pirogues, the local fishing boats used extensively to haul in daily catch from around the coast. And it’s not just the red, green and blue painted hulls that are colourful; Saint Lucia’s fishing boats have names like ‘Respect Life,’ ‘Jah Provide’ and ‘No Retreat, No Surrender,’ sometimes without spellcheck being employed before the christening.

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Calabash Chronicles: Resort Life, Blooming Gorgeous Gardens

Perhaps the second thing guests notice when they first discover Calabash Cove, after the spectacular ocean view from the check-in desk, are the tropical flowers and trees that grow in abundance throughout the resort’s hillside gardens. A riot of color assaults the eyes as the vibrant rainbow of blooms and blossoms unfolds down staircases, around balconies and in every cozy corner of the wonderfully kept gardens of the resort.

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