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Celebrate the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival’s 25th Anniversary!

From April 29 to 8 May 2016, the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival is celebrating its twenty-fifth milestone with the theme “Unforgettable Journey”. This top Caribbean event now includes jazz, R&B and calypso music along with a fashion show (Saint Lucia HOT Couture), dance, art, theater and culinary arts, so there’s something for everyone to look forward to.

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The Words and The Numbers: Saint Lucia’s Nobel Laureates

For a small island, Saint Lucia has a mighty big history when it comes to producing Nobel Laureates. In fact per capita, we are second in the world of Nobel prizes with our two esteemed winners, Sir Arthur Lewis [Economics 1979] and Mr. Derek Walcott [Literature 1992]. Every year in January, the achievements of these two island scholars are celebrated during Nobel Laureates Week, under the patronage of Dame Pearlette Louisy, Saint Lucia’s Governor General. This year is no different, and Saint Lucia has enjoyed poetry readings, tributes and glittering parties attended by the island’s most literary alumni, and again been reminded of that proud Nobel heritage no other small island can claim.

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