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Natural Attractions in Saint Lucia that you may not know!

Most visitors to St Lucia are attracted to the island for its outstanding natural beauty and attractions. It would be a pity to miss some of the highlights, so here are some of the natural attractions in Saint Lucia that should definitely be on your bucket list.

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Celebrate Your Special Event at Calabash Cove Saint Lucia

Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, weddings, graduations, and retirement are all a great excuse to celebrate with close family and friends. Whatever the reason, Calabash Cove Saint Lucia could be the perfect place for your celebration, and here’s why.

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Top St. Lucia Excursions and Plantation Tours

Taking a plantation tour is one of the most popular St. Lucia excursions for visitors to enjoy. As well as being a pleasant day trip, plantation tours provide an insight into the history, economy and culture of the country, adding unique experiences to your Caribbean vacation.

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