The 30 Sexiest Hotels In The World – Cosmopolitan

The following article was featured on the Cosmopolitan website on April 3rd, 2019.

Isn?t it so funny how you know a hotel is sexy if it has a see-through bathroom? As if you?re doing absolutely nothing in the shower besides having super-voyeuristic sex?

Erotic hotels have a whole vibe that?s mostly corny but also kinda hot… and they should be recognized for their extra efforts in helping you and bae have a truly bangin? vacation. That said, read on for our guide to the sexiest hotels in the world.

#18 Calabash Cove, St Lucia

Each of the Waters Edge Cottages here at Calabash Cove include private pools, jacuzzis, showers, and a private balcony and hammock. If staring into the Caribbean doesn?t do it for you, I?m not sure what will.

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Photo credit: Chad Chisholm