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The following article was featured on the Forbes website on February 27th, 2019.

You already know you?re not allowed to discuss politics or religion at dinner parties, but, if you still want to cause a stir, there?s one word that?s sure to ruffle some faux feathers (especially at dinner), and that?s vegan. No matter which side of the spectrum appeals to your dining companions, loyalties tend to run deep and emotions high when it comes to living a lifestyle free of animal products; so high, in fact, that vegetarianism, once considered extreme in its own right, is now, essentially, a middle ground that tends to go a long way toward quelling the vegan debate, at least long enough to get through dessert.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are particularly popular with younger consumers (Millennials and Gen Zers) of a more affluent background, and this demographic also happens to be largely responsible for the booming tourism economy. Traveling more frequently and widely than previous generations, the under-35 crowd is keenly aware of the health and eco benefits of the animal-free lifestyle, creating a significant demand for vegan and vegetarian dining options outside of hot spots like New York, San Francisco and Northern Europe. Combine that with the with ever-increasing awareness from older generations (who tend to travel less adventurously but spend more while doing so), and it?s easy to understand why savvier brands are beginning to develop veggie programs at all tiers of travel, but especially in more luxurious markets.

Windsong Restaurant at Calabash Cove Resort and Spa in St. Lucia, featuring 26 villas in an exclusive, adults-only property, caters to the individual dietary needs of its guests without sacrificing its emphasis on innovative dishes inspired by Asian cuisine. Vegetarians won?t find themselves limited to a green salad at this secluded paradise, but can choose from a variety of eclectic options including pumpkin coconut soup with lemon grass; korma curried vegetables with coconut basmati rice chick peas and mixed vegetables; pad Thai noodles with fried eggs, tofu and plum sauce; chayote and yam pie; and more traditionally Caribbean-inspired favorites like enchiladas with brown beans, corn, cilantro and plantains.

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