Toronto Star: Five Avid Travellers Share Their Dreamiest Destination Spas

The following article was featured on the Toronto Star website on March 13th, 2021. The link at the end of this post directs to the original article.

Reminiscing about what we miss is basically a national pastime right now, and for many, dreamy faraway destinations are near the top of that list. We asked five (former) frequent flyers to share the escapist spa experiences they can’t wait to book, once the world is open again. Take note for your future adventures.

Julia Doran, Creative Director

Home Sweet Home: New York City

Dream Escape: Ti Spa in St. Lucia

After 12 months of living and working in a cosy apartment with her husband and toddler, the idyllic respite that creative director Julia Doran would choose is the Ti Spa at Calabash Cove Resort & Spa in St. Lucia, her honeymoon destination back in 2015. With rustic sun-bleached wood, rattan furniture and a calming seaside palette entwined with lush foliage, this unassuming spot evokes a bohemian vibe with a side of Caribbean hospitality.

“It felt secluded thanks to the surrounding mountains, giving the sense that the beaches were nestled into the lush topography,” says Doran. From the tightly edited spa menu, she has fond memories of the Island Fruit Body Scrub, which infuses local fruits, natural oils and sea salts into a signature exfoliating service. After the 50-minute treatment, her skin was left silky soft and naturally glowing.

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