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COVID-19 Updates

Coming to Calabash Cove soon?

Where we keep our guests safe and give you peace of mind if you have to stay with us a little longer

Saint Lucia is one of the safest destinations in the world to choose from for your vacation, with a relatively low number of COVID-19 cases. From the very start, Saint Lucians have taken COVID-19 seriously and in a unified manner followed the protocols to the letter without complaint.

At the moment, every visitor to the island would have been tested prior to arrival and can only stay at hotels and resorts that have been inspected and certified COVID-Compliant by the government health officials.

For our part, we have done our best to ensure we can welcome you to our lovely resort and ensure that your stay is safe.

If you have to cancel your vacation or stay a little longer

We want to guarantee you can book new visits with confidence. Therefore, we are temporarily suspending our cancellation policy for any bookings made from January 2021. This applies to bookings for travel through to December 21st, 2021. Cancel up to 14 days prior to arrival or for COVID related reasons up to 3 days prior to arrival (with required documentation) and receive a full refund.

If you need to change your travel plans, we’ll credit the full amount of your stay towards a visit within 1 year of your original travel dates. Rate differences may apply for date changes.

Should a guest test positive and show no severe symptoms he/she and the traveling partner, can be quarantined at the hotel prior to traveling home on a commercial flight.

For the duration of the quarantine we will absorb the accommodation cost. All food and beverage consumption will be at the guest’s discretion.

If hospitalization in the respiratory hospital is required, it will be at the guest’s expense.

Please contact us at info@calabashcove.com for further questions.

For our travelers to the USA

Under the current US travel protocol, Antigen tests are accepted for entry into the USA.

Calabash Cove will absorb the cost of an Antigen Panbio Abbot test for all travelers to the USA on bookings of 7 nights or longer.

The test is taken at the hotel by the resort nurse and the results are e-mailed to the client within 24 to 48 hours or less.
Alternatively, the Antigen tests are available at a local laboratory, at a charge not exceeding US$ 75 per person.

The Calabash Cove 2021 Experience

We are delighted that Calabash Cove Resort and Spa St Lucia is once again welcoming guests to the Resort.

Allow us to tell you more about Calabash Cove and our COVID-19​ Enhancements and Protocols Alliance.

The health, safety, comfort & well-being of The Cove’s guests, team members, affiliates and community, are our priority.  We look forward to introducing you to Team L.U.C.I.A.

L eading a

U nited

C alabash

I nspired

A lliance

During your visit you will become aware of enhancements we have made to our sanitizing protocols while maintaining and celebrating the quaint luxury, beauty, romance, wellness, sustainability and exceptional personalized service we have been known for over the last decade.

Calabash Cove Resort and Spa is COVID-19 approved by the Government of Saint Lucia and the new Caribbean Hotel Association protocols for continuing excellence in service are implemented throughout the resort. Our Team Members have installed and will maintain touch free hand sanitizers and signage at entry points to the resort and public areas. Masks and other Personal Protection Equipment are worn for all our protection.

Your visit with us can be tuned by yourself, to have as much or as little physical team members and guest interaction according to your personal preferences.

These are the things you need to have organised before you travel.

The Government of Saint Lucia, currently requires the following at the St Lucia airports, subject to change:

A printed Negative PCR COVID-19 test that was taken within 5 days of arrival at the St. Lucia Airport.

Prior to arrival at the airport, the following on-line form needs to be completed for each guest electronically: Saint Lucia mandatory online Pre-arrival Travel Registration Form.

In addition, guests will be screened at the airport for temperatures and signs of COVID-19.  Please see the Saint Lucia Government Guidelines & Questions for traveling to St Lucia.

On arrival, passengers will be screened at the airport for temperatures and signs of COVID-19.  Please see the Saint Lucia Government Guidelines & Questions for traveling to St Lucia.

You will be asked for your COVID test certificate and your Saint Lucia mandatory online Pre-arrival Travel Registration Form.  

  • Front Office and Concierge offers improved contactless on-line registration, especially certified airport transfer services, luggage sanitization, PPEs for team members and guests and contact-free services for options to book excursions and special services for that once in a lifetime celebration.
  • You will be provided with our NEW complimentary  CCR QR code, that works on your smartphone or tablet to allow you to access all of our services from the comfort of your accommodation, removing the need for paperwork and unnecessary contact with menus and similar items. As an example, menu choices and daily specials are available on CCR QR. We are happy to attend to any other service requests and answer any questions you may have.In addition we are able to respond to requests about excursions via concierge@calabashcove.com

  • Restaurant and Bar services are available “contact-free” via your personal smartphone or tablet with our HKeeper app (see above). Alternatively, you may still opt to visit our C-bar, the Windsong restaurant and the pool bar and restaurant, all of which have been reconfigured to provide maximum space between guests. Now is also the perfect opportunity to arrange a private dinner for two on the beach or in the gazebo!

  • Kitchen with revised food preparation, sanitization, purchasing and receiving protocols including use of PPEs and regular medical check-ups for team members.

  • Maintenance and Housekeeping with strict sanitization procedures for daily cleaning services and between room occupants for room, furniture, drapes, linen, air conditioners and pools.
  • You can use your free app “HKEEPER” to make any requests to either housekeeping or maintenance.

  • Gardens, Beach and Public Areas maintenance with regular sanitization of hard and soft surfaces like lounge chairs, furniture and railings together with waste disposal procedures.

  • Safety and Security operations with daily health checks without exception for visitors and team members and elimination of none-resident guests’ access to the resort. Implementation of distancing guidelines.
  • Hygiene, sanitation, personal conduct rules and best practices facilitated by the installation of hand sanitizing devices including instructions throughout the resort.

  • Revamped training and dissemination of guidelines for the prevention of infectious diseases to team members.
  • Education on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use and specifically Hand Hygiene.
  • Preparations for possible handling of symptomatic individuals

At this time, the Government of Saint Lucia has a regulation stating that guests will be required to wear masks around employees and other guests.  We are charged with enforcing this at Calabash Cove, however, it is very easy to be mask-free because our Watersedge Cottages are designed for guests to enjoy their personal private pool, the enchanting Caribbean vistas, unlimited fresh air and any culinary delights from the Windsong restaurant they wish for inside their own enclave.

The mask does not have to be worn when relaxing on the beach, swimming or once seated in the restaurant.